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Designer's Saturday 2018 グランプリ受賞

スイス・ランゲンタールで開催されたデザインイベント「Designers' Saturday 2018」にて、鈴野浩一氏(トラフ建築設計事務所)と寺田尚樹が共同で制作したインスタレーションがグランプリを受賞しました。

【Designer's Saturday 公式ページより】

The Grand Prix this year is shared among two very different parties. It goes to the Japanese designers Naoki Terada and Koichi Suzuno and to the Munich based ClassiCon. An uneven pair you might think, but it's the extremes which meet on many levels and play with our expectations. ClassiCon puts the focus on the process of making, a very laborious process. The concentrated, sweaty faces of the glass or metal workers are shown on larger than life screens in black and white. With it we hear heavy industrial sounds. In the end the visitor sees the finished product, a finely shaped luxurious table with a blown glass base and a metal top. The delicate carries the heavy - the contrary of what we are used to. The heroes of this presentations are not the products, but the workers, their dedication and passion.

Naoki Terada and Koichi Suzuno from guest country Japan had not worked together before, but as you can see in their mutual installation, they are a match. And - unlike the ClassiCon table - everything here is light and airy. Made of simple paper, the costs of the material tend to zero. Fragile objects, air vases, form a nicely illuminated cloud, tiny paper model families, orchestras, zoos and their flat paper put smiles on visitors faces, creating social encounters and discourses. Videos showing the two designers talking together complete the installation. Together with these films the installation tells us a lot about the situation of design and designers in Japan. Their heroes? Their topics? Maybe it is: precision, lightness, tradition, and the often invisible beauty of our daily lives. Congratulations to you.